Celebration of Diwali festival in Paris:

08 novembre 2016

In a historic first, Embassy of India, Paris; Mairie de Paris and GOPIO France Metropole jointly organised Diwali festival in Hôtel de Ville, Paris on 08 November 2016. These celebrations were organised as a part of ongoing Namasté France festival. Adjoint à la Maire de Paris Patrick Klugman, Ambassador of India Dr. Mohan Kumar and French Minister for Overseas Affairs Ericka Bareigts joined in these celebrations. Addressing the gathering, the Minister highlighted the importance of shared values of democracy and cultural diversity between India and France, whereas, the Ambassador of India felicitated GOPIO France Metropole for the initiative and underscored the importance of ongoing Namasté France festival in promotion of bilateral ties between India and France. Adjoint à la Maire stressed on the significance of celebration of Diwali festival in various countries across the world. Diplomats of several countries, representatives of Mayors of several arrondissements in Paris, Indian diaspora and friends of India participated in these celebrations. On this occasion, the performances of renowned Santoor virtuoso Bhajan Sopori, Manipuri dance by Jagoi Marup group led by Sanahanbi Devi Rajkumari and Bollywood Panam, a contemporary Indian dance troupe enthralled the audience.