Conference on 'Mathematics in Ancient Indian Texts' 15 November, Paris

15 novembre 2016

As a part of ongoing Namasté France festival, Embassy of India, Université Paris- Sorbonne and Université Pierre et Marie Curie jointly organised a conference on 'Mathematics in ancient Indian texts' on 15 November in Sorbonne University, Paris. Prof. François Patte from 'Universite Paris Descartes' gave a detailed lecture on 'Calculs in ancient Indian texts'. He explained the evolution of zero, Sulba Sutras and contributions of Brahmagupta (7th century) and Bhaskara-II (12th century) to the field of mathematics. The contributions of Bhaskara- II to many different areas of mathematics from solutions of quadratic, cubic and quartic equations to solutions of Diophantine equations of the second order to preliminary concepts of infinitesimal calculus and mathematical analysis to spherical trigonometry and other aspects of trigonometry were discussed. Where as, Prof. Jean-Luc Chevillard from 'CNRS and Université Paris Diderot' gave a presentation on the topic « La pratique de la combinatoire dans les descriptions traditionnelles de la poésie tamoule ancienne>>. He described the mathematical algorithm concepts present in ancient Tamil texts such as Tolkappiyam, Tevaram and Silpadikaram etc. In addition, the contributions of Puttamittiranar's Viracoliyam,Tirumalaicaiyalvar's Tiruccantaviruttam and T.V. Gopal Ayar's Paripatal-III to the mathematical field were discussed. Prof. Olivier Pironneau and Prof. Sinnou David from 'CNRS and Université Pierre et Marie Curie' coordinated the organisation of this event. Mathematical research scholars, students and several professors from the above universities participated in this event.