Diwali festival in Nantes

29 octobre 2016 As a part of ongoing Namasté France festival, Association Bindi, in association with Mairie de Nantes city and Embassy of India, Paris organised a series of cultural events in Nantes. These series of events were concluded with the celebration of Diwali festival on 29 October 2016 in 'Les Machines de l'île', the famous public space in Nantes. 'Les Machines de l'île' was bedecked with beautiful rangolis and Diwali lamps and it created a traditional Indian festive atmosphere. On this occasion, a 'jugalbandi' between Carnatic and Hindustani classical musics was organised. In addition, the jugalbandi between Bharatanatyam dance and Kathak dance mesmerized the viewers. Famous dancer Dr. Jayashree Rajagopalan and her troupe sponsored by ICCR presented Bharatanatyam, whereas, noted Kathak dance exponent Malini Ranganathan troupe presented Kathak dance. These series of Indian classical music and dance events enthralled 2500 audience.

Deputy Chief of Mission Manish Prabhat and Nantes City councilor for heritage Gildas SalaÜn were present on the occasion and lighted the traditional Indian lamps signifying the celebration of Diwali. They also congratulated Mr. Denis Rostaing, President of Bindi Association for organizing a successful Indian concert and Diwali festival on such a large scale for the first time in Nantes.