Closing ceremony of Namasté France festival Cité de la musique- Philharmonie, Paris 30 November 2016

30 novembre 2016

Two and a half month ‘Namasté France’ cultural extravaganza ended with a spectacular performance of violin virtuoso Lakshminaryana Subramaniam and legendary Kuchipudi dancing couple Raja and Radha Reddy in Cité de la Musique on 30 November. Due to huge demand from the public, the closing ceremony was repeated again on 01 December. Stellar dance compositions and performance of Raja and Radha Reddy and their troupe enthralled the audience. Through their togetherness and perfect unison, Raja and Radha Reddy portrayed the masculine vigour and lyrical charm of the classical pair of Hindu mythology Shiva-Parvati thus identifying themselves with the twin concept of Purusha and Prakriti, the male-female principle in Indian philosophy. In precise postures and refined patterns the duo re-enlivened the magnificent sculptures chiselled in the ancient temples of India. The dance poses of Krishna, his consort Radha and Gopikas of Vrindavan on brass plates took the audience to celestial world. The audience gave a standing ovation to these two extraordinary artists. Thunderous applause reverberated from the auditorium as the dance event ended. This dance event was followed by a magnificent musical concert of violin virtuoso Lakshminarayana Subramaniam. Maestro started his concert with Kalyani raga in Adi talam and concluded with playing the Thillana. The melancholic rhythmic patterns of Thillana enthralled the audience. Time flew by during the performance of maestro as the rich sonics resonated in the auditorium. Ambassador of India His Excellency Dr. Mohan Kumar and Mrs. Mala Kumar felicitated these cultural legends from India. Members of diplomatic community, friends of India and several Indian cultural lovers attended the splendid evening. Magnificent display of glimpses of Indian music and dance gave a befitting finale to this stupendous edition of Namasté France festival.