Bhopal Blue Théâtre de Soleil Cartoucherie de Vincennes, Paris

18 novembre 2016

Noted Mohiniattam dancer Brigitte Chataignier, as a part of Namasté France festival, organised ‘Bhopal Blue’ on 18 November 2016 at Théâtre de Soleil, Cartoucherie de Vincennes, Paris. The dance drama poignantly described the industrial catastrophe and the confrontation between the extraordinary spirituality of India and the industrial lobbying as a result of globalisation. The dance drama is both an exorcism and a meditation on the major industrial catastrophe and its corollary, contamination but above all, the rebuilding of the force that sustained the survivors of the tragedy. This theatre performance takes us beyond the one who had the experience and the one who is discovering it, to create a kind of choreographic mantra that can reveal and transcend situations in which men, women and children have become the victims. The choreographer Brigitte Chataignier and her daughter Djeya Lestrehan focussed on the words and sounds, natural and stylized gestures, the organic movements of theatre to convey the sufferings of victims in the industrial tragedy. The poet Zéno Bianu wrote the lyrics for this extraordinary creation and the actor Jean-François Dusigne acted as ‘go between’ to give voice and body to the words of Zeno Bianu. French American musician Carol Robinson composed and interpreted music for the drama. This dance drama performance will continue till 04 December 2016. Deputy Chief of Mission Manish Prabhat felicitated the artists for their amazing performance.