Rajasthani Folk Dance Condé Sur Vire

29 novembre 2016 ‘Dhoad-Les Gitans du Rajasthan’ Group led by Rahis Bharti performed various Rajasthani folk dances in Condé Sur Vire on 29 November 2016. Traditional Rajasthani folk dances and acrobatic skills enthralled the audience. Ambassador of India His Excellency Dr. Mohan Kumar felicitated the troupe for their amazing performance. Préfet of Manche Jacques Witkowski, Député of Manche and Member of Chambre Franco-Indien Philipe Gosselin, Président Conseil Departemental de la Manche Philippe Bas, Président Saint Lô Agglo Gilles Quinquenel and Maire Condé Sur Vire Laurent Pien participated in these celebrations. Marakanda, an association passionate with Indian dances, also presented a series of modern Indian dances on this occasion. More than 950 audience enthusiastically participated in the event. Thunderous applauses reverberated from the auditorium as the event ended. On this occasion, the whole town of Condé Sur Vire was bedecked with Indian flags. Vivek Singh, Counsellor in Condé Sur Vire, with the active support of Embassy of India, organised these celebrations.